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Gaithersburg, MD (May 19, 2008): Lyons Commercial Data is proud to announce that we will offer batch processing in MS Excel file format, a valuable enhancement to our existing Account Verification Service in Verifax, on Monday, May 19, 2008. This new enhancement will allow clients that use our Account Verification Service to utilize batch processing in the standard Microsoft Excel file format, a file platform readily available and universally familiar to commercial concerns. Depending on each client’s specific data information needs, this improvement could be quite meaningful and very positive to their respective business operations.

Regarding the Verifax product enhancement, Rob Pollin, CEO of Lyons Commercial Data, stated, “We are excited about this particular product improvement. Our goal at Lyons is to provide our clients with superb settlement-related data in order to enable electronic payments with a high degree of speed and accuracy. Additionally, we consistently strive for improvement here at Lyons, and so we are happy to offer this early important enhancement of our Account Verification Service to our valued customers. It will offer our clients yet another way to use Verifax effectively in order to increase their business efficiencies and better manage risk in their electronic transactions.”

Lyons Commercial Data is a division of Autoscribe, one of the largest electronic payment processors in the U.S., with over $4.5 billion in transactions per year.

Lyons is one of the nation’s largest commercial providers of financial institution routing information. Over 2,500 US corporations, including many of the largest financial services institutions in the country, rely on Lyons to provide financial intelligence for transaction processing – FI routing information, OFAC/USA PATRIOT Act compliance, account number verification, and other critical services. Lyons currently provides approximately 3 million pieces of important data (on demand) to their clients annually, which enables those clients to make a faster and better-informed decision regarding electronic payments and/or compliance. Lyons is the industry leader in the seamless integration of transaction-critical information via database delivery and web services technology.

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