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Know Your Customer

Ensure compliance with the Patriot Act and complete your due dilligence to avoid facilitating money laundering or fraud.

Reduce Your Risk

Access identify and account verification solutions for quick credit approval and reduced returns.

Grow Your Business

Effectively limit risk, improve customer satisfaction, and maximize quality customer acquisitions with reliable data.


Lyons Commercial Data is a leading provider of quality U.S. financial institution data, including all current ABA routing numbers and other information critical to transaction processing and regulatory compliance. Lyons Commercial Data also offers proven solutions to financial institutions, payment processors, and other businesses, to assist them in optimizing their ACH processes, managing risk, and fraud mitigation.

Routing Number Verification Services

Ensure accurate and complete routing number information to avoid financial losses. Optimize your payment process with financial institution ABA routing number verification services. Lyons Commercial Data™ offers an integrated routing number validation tool that guarantees fast and real-time data validation. Trusted by leading banks and businesses, our solutions provide routing number validation, account ownership authentication, account verification, and AML compliance. Get started today!

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With our iBankRegistry™ Account Verification, we provide organizations with the tools to achieve compliance, manage risk, and detect fraud effectively. Instantly verify bank accounts in the U.S. and Canada, ensuring accurate customer data for onboarding and processing ACH or check payments. Trust Lyons Commercial Data™ to help you maintain compliance, minimize risks, and uncover potential fraud. Take control of your compliance journey today.

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Our Account Ownership Authentication (AOA) tool enables real-time verification of bank account ownership. This innovative solution utilizes a secure Web services API to seamlessly integrate bank account ownership verification within your system, allowing you to identify invalid account numbers, closed accounts, risky customers, and discrepancies in account holders.
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Lyons patriotAGENT™ offers robust OFAC screening with an advanced search engine and algorithm. It allows you to focus on precise matches, minimizing the occurrence of similar matches or false positives. Whether conducting individual name searches or reviewing imported files, this comprehensive OFAC search tool from Lyons Commercial Data provides the flexibility required to customize your OFAC compliance strategy.

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