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Account Ownership Verification

Enhance Security with Account Ownership Authentication

Account Ownership Authentication (AOA)will revolutionize how you verify bank account ownership in real-time. Leveraging a secure API that seamlessly integrates with your system to identify invalid account numbers, closed accounts, and potential discrepancies in account holders.

Account Ownership Verification - Lyons Commercial Data

Mitigate Payment Fraud Instantly

By instantly determining the authorization status of individuals or businesses to transact on an account, the Lyons Account Ownership Authentication (AOA) tool plays a crucial role in mitigating payment fraud. This proactive approach aids businesses in reducing unauthorized payments, detecting mistyped direct deposits, and identifying potentially risky accounts.

Account Ownership Verification - Lyons Commercial Data

Accelerate Payments and Disbursements

Account Ownership Verification goes beyond traditional time consuming processes such as ACHA pre-notes and microdeposits, allowing instant verification of customer and business bank accounts. Eliminating the need for prenotes, it enables real-time matching of account owner information, expediting disbursements and payments. Whether dealing with checking or savings accounts, we ensure accurate transfers through up-to-date data and enhanced security. It supports both business and consumer accounts, offering a faster and more efficient alternative to prenotes.

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Combat Fraud with Real-Time Solutions

Fraud poses a substantial financial risk to companies and financial institutions, resulting in millions of dollars lost each year. The Lyons Account Ownership Authentication (AOA) tool provides a cost-effective solution that yields real-time results, effectively reducing the occurrence of fraud. From synthetic identities to stolen bank account information and direct deposit fraud, Lyons is your ally in maintaining a secure financial environment.

Account Ownership Verification - Lyons Commercial Data

Account Ownership Authentication Specs:

Account Ownership Authentication is available using Web Services/ API. The AOA tool works in your companies system using Web Services/ API. Checking or saving account and business or customer name are required to validate account ownership. Additional supporting information is added to return an exact match. Additional information that can be used in identifying AOA include SSN, address, and valid ID. Valid identification can include USA drivers license, passport, resident alien ID, or see list of supporting AOA ID types.

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