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Sony Pictures Entertainment

🙶 Lyons bank registry has helped our company tremendously. It has saved time & money because we know if the banking is correct before we send out payments. This way we don’t have any delayed payments or extra money spent on sending the same payment twice. We are so glad we found this website. I will definitely recommend this site to other people in the industry 🙷

Liberty Bank

🙶 Liberty Bank has been utilizing the iBankRegistry product since 1999 & has been very pleased with the performance record. Following are some of the reasons that we benefit from using the product: the website sustains a 99% uptime record, the information is current and up-to-date, and the web-pages are simple to use and easy to navigate. 🙷

Nodaway Valley Bank

🙶 Our bank has used Lyons Registry for several years and I have found it to be the most reliable source for bank information. We have another source with our wire transfer program, but I still turn to Lyons for the most up-to-date and correct data!! Another bonus for us is the complete contact info that is very invaluable!! Thanks Lyons for making my job a lot easier! 🙷


🙶 eGive Loves using Lyons Web services with our turnkey online electronic giving service! The ABA Express Search enabled eGive to completely eliminate ACH rejects for invalid bank routing number and keeps us in compliance with NACHA Rules for WEB transactions. AVS Search Inquiries are utlized to flag bank account numbers that cannot be verified to monitor large transactions for potential fraud. These two services work flawlessly 24 x 7 with our online giving web site and have saved us countless hours and dollars since July 2009 by preventing rejects from happening. AVS Search identifies accounts which cannot be verified and our system alerts us by email if a large transaction is created using an unverified account so that we can perform due diligence to manage our payment risk. Thank you Lyons for providing this awesome service! We have never had to call for support. 🙷

First Mid-Illinois Bank & Trust

🙶 First Mid-Illinois Bank & Trust uses Lyons on a daily basis to help assist us with fraud issues as well as working through our large dollar returns and collections. The system is user friendly and has helped us call other institutions to work with Fraud Officers enabling us to reduce fraud losses. 🙷

Smarty Pig

🙶 Because we never have to think about Lyons…it’s just always there…diligently working away..🙷

Paychex, Inc.

🙶 The iBankRegistry tool is fantastic. It allows for quick access to an abundance of information, including contact information that is not readily available elsewhere. Email addresses, websites, and unpublished phone numbers make contact with financial institutions much more possible. Whether it’s a small local credit union, a major bank’s headquarters, or a regional bank’s branch office, Lyons has information on all types of financial institutions. The Account Verification Web Service is even better. Once the appropriate bank is identified, usually by rtn, the account and amount is all that you need. Quickly learn if the account is open with a positive balance, if it is a closed account, or if the information is invalid. This tool contributes greatly to judgment decisions made when evaluating new accounts🙷

TAL International

🙶 When our subscription service for OFAC Compliance with LexisNexis was due to expire last year, I looked for a replacement vendor that would be better suited to cater to our needs. After reviewing about 12 possible vendors and 5 different OFAC “packages” we choose Lyons’ Patriot Agent service because we could tailor it to what we needed and the price for a year of use was almost a third of what we had been paying previously. Also, because it was relatively straightforward to use, it minimized the time required to re-train the staff members responsible for using Patriot Agent on a daily basis. This will be our 6th month using Patriot Agent and all is working very well – I definitely intend to renew your service in November. 🙷

Sevier County Bank

🙶 My name Is Lucas and I work at a local community bank. We here use Lyons many times a day either with returns, finding a routing number for a wire transfer, or just helping a customer find a bank phone number to verify a check. My job would be a whole lot more difficult to do without the help of Lyons Commercial Data. 🙷

NE based bank

🙶 I love Lyons because: I send out millions of dollars of wires per day, and it’s nice to make sure that my customers are providing the correct information (and be able to retrieve it so quickly if they aren’t!) since there is so much at stake!🙷

Richland Bank

🙶I have used Lyons for several years now. I rely on your service when we have a check in question. I find the phone numbers for the banking institutions very helpful and helps to make my research done quickly and accurately.🙷

Columbus Bank & Trust Co

🙶We have been using Lyons Bank for some time now, it is a lot faster than looking up routing numbers in a book.🙷