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Unraveling Payroll Fraud: Protecting Your Business and Employees

  In the corporate world, payroll fraud is an unfortunate reality that can have devastating consequences for both businesses and employees. It involves the deliberate manipulation or misappropriation of payroll processes for personal gain. Payroll fraud can occur in various forms, ranging from ghost employees and inflated hours to unauthorized changes in salary or benefits. […]

OFAC Verifications: Protect Your Business

  Sanction compliance is essential for any business that deals with currency or financial transactions. One of the most important regulations is the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), which govern financial transactions involving individuals and organizations from countries that are subject to sanctions and embargoes. To help businesses stay compliant with OFAC regulations, Lyons […]

Visit Us At The Nacha Smarter Faster Payments 2023 Conference

Our team at Lyons Commercial Data has announced our attendance at the Nacha Smarter Faster Payments 2023 conference in Las Vegas from April 16-19, 2023. As a Nacha Preferred Partner, we will showcase our suite of financial institution data solutions at the conference, including our financial institution account verification and routing number lookup tools. The […]