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Why Verify Bank Routing Numbers?

Verify Bank Routing Numbers to:

  • Eliminate Errors
  • Comply with Requirements
  • Reduce Costs Associated with Returned Items

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Lyons Commercial Data’s Bank Routing Number Database can be downloaded in any common format or as a flat file for easy integration with payment processing systems. Unlimited FTP updates are available upon request.

The routing number table can be keyed for look-up based on the dominant financial institution or non-keyed to provide all matching institutions related to a specific routing number.

For database licensing details and pricing information please request more information.


What to expect of a routing number database

Each financial institution record contains more than one dozen optional fields, updated daily by Lyons Commercial Data’s own Research and Content Management Department to ensure the most accurate bank routing number data available. Additionally, each record includes any old, previously used, or rarely used routing numbers (retired routing numbers are available upon request).

Bank Verification Data Lyons Routing Number Database

ABA Numbers

ACH Numbers

Previously Used Routing Numbers

Department Phone Numbers

Physical Addresses

Mailing Addresses

Fractional ABA Numbers


Merger Information

Telegraph / Short Names

ACH Contact Information

Phone / Fax Numbers

Incoming Wire Routing Numbers

Old Bank Names

E-mail Addresses and URLs

Correspondent Bank Relationships

Federal Clearing Center Information

FedWire Information

Lyons Commercial Data bank routing number data is also accessible via Web Services and an

online routing number verification tool.


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