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Why verify a bank account?

One of the biggest benefits of accepting a paper check or processing an ACH payment is its cost. ACH transactions can be processed for a fixed rate cost while credit card interchange rates are based on a percentage of the total transaction amount. That lower cost is offset by the risk of accepting a transaction that may return unpaid.

Nacha Compliance

NACHA compliance requires companies originating ACH transactions to verify routing numbers for WEB and TEL ACH transactions.

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  • Decrease returns by 50 percent or more
  • Identify risky clients
  • Accelerate funding
  • Maintain a better clearing house relationship

Account Verification Services

Online Account Verification

This cost effective solution can pay for itself by providing you with fresh actionable information on the majority of checking accounts in the United States. Most of the data is based on previous day account updates.

Account Verification Web Service

Using our web service, your application can tie directly into our databases in the form of our easy-to-use application programming interfaces (APIs), which are available in several programming languages.

Ready to start reducing your returns and ensure compliance?