account ownership authentication

Account Ownership Authentication

Ready to start reducing your returns and ensure compliance?


nacha preferred partner ownership verificationInstantly verify bank account ownership in real-time with the Account Ownership Authentication (AOA) tool from Lyons Commercial Data. Easily validate checking and savings account ownership authentication (AOA) in your system. This new innovation in fraud prevention uses a secure Web services API to integrate Account Ownership Authentication. Identify invalid bank account numbers, closed accounts, or mismatches between account holders.

The AOA tool can instantly identify whether or not an individual or business is authorized to transact on an account. Being able to quickly identify risky customers, unauthorized payments, or mistyped direct deposits can save your company time and money.

  • Validate checking or savings bank account ownership.
  • Verify bank accounts are in good standing.
  • Validate business or consumer bank accounts.
  • Faster alternative to prenotes.

Fraud Prevention

Every year companies and financial institutions lose million of dollars to fraud. Fraudulent activities can range from synthetic identities, stolen bank account information to direct deposit scams. Account Ownership Authentication is a cost effective tool that can reduce fraud with real-time results.

  • Benefits of Account Ownership Authentication

    Account Ownership Authentication is a fast tool that provides instant account ownership verification at a low cost.

    • Reduce fees associated with returned ACH and check payments
    • Validate accounts upfront and increase customer experience
    • Real-time account ownership validation
    • Eliminate miskeyed accounts
    • Ensure direct deposits are made to the correct accounts
  • Product Specs

    Account Ownership Authentication is available using Web Services/ API. The AOA tool works in your companies system using Web Services/ API. Checking or saving account and business or customer name are required to validate account ownership. Additional supporting information is added to return an exact match. Additional information that can be used in identifying AOA include SSN, address, and valid ID. Valid identification can include USA drivers license, passport, resident alien ID, or see list of supporting AOA ID types.

How AOA Works


Enter customer name or business name and checking or savings account number.


Enter identifying information such as DOB, address, and identification number (USA drivers license, passport, resident alien card, or other ID from list).


AOA is instantly validated or denied based on the information provided.