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Lyons Commercial Data announced the release of a free version of its popular online bank routing number service, iBankRegistry. The new Free Bank Routing Number Search provides access to the same up-to-date financial institution database referenced by iBankRegistry but limits users on the number of searches per day and per month. The free service is being offered to all visitors without registration. Visitors are required only to enter a small amount of text included in an image on the website.

According to CEO, Robert Pollin, Lyons’ commercial website receives thousand of requests per month from consumers who need access for one-time routing number look-ups. “Although our business was built to deliver quality financial institution information to commercial businesses, we wanted to provide access to the consumers requesting it”, said Pollin. “The Free Routing Number Search will provide access without submitting a name, e-mail address or any other personal information.” Additionally, the free service is expected to provide at least one benefit to Lyons; Lyons’ representatives will now be able to focus on their commercial clients, financial institutions and other payment processors, integrating the service for use in Payroll Self-Service (PSS), check and ACH payments systems, wire transfer solutions, and e-commerce applications.

The Free Bank Routing Number Search returns only the financial institution name for a submitted bank routing number. iBankRegistry’s subscriber interface provides nine searchable fields plus wild-card capabilities and the ability to search on a partial routing number. Search results for iBankRegistry subscribers include: financial institution name, physical address, mailing address, primary phone number, department phone numbers, fax number, ACH contact information, correspondent bank information, additional bank routing numbers including old or retired routing numbers, fractional routing numbers, and optional bank account number validation.