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Washington, DC, January 18th, 2011– For nearly two decades, Lyons Commercial Data has been a leading provider for U.S. financial institution’s know-your-customer and quality compliance solutions essential to safe, reliable transaction processing. Today, PaymentVision is proud to offer its innovative Lyons Foreign Exchange (FX) services to its community banking clients.

Community banks and credit unions are typically forced to use upstream banks for correspondent services such as FX payment processing, resulting in valid concerns of exposing their client lists to these competing institutions. Through a simplified, easy-to-use web site, Lyons banking clients can now tender speedy, reliable, secure settlement for foreign wires and drafts for their respective customers. Lyons FX is usually more inexpensive than going through correspondents, and in this manner, customer information is never exposed to upstream originating banks or correspondents. Lyons is not a bank; but is instead considered a foreign exchange broker service provider operating through a private exchange network.

“It was an easy choice to partner with PaymentVision as they have one of the most impressive payment transaction capabilities available with over 2000 customers nationwide. We at GPSFX look forward to extending their international product offers.” – David Pierce, Partner

“Our customers have high expectations and we believe that GPSFX with the combined efforts of Lyons gives our clients the most convenient, cost effective and easiest to use international wire and foreign draft capability on in the market today.” – Robert Pollin, CEO

With over 20 years experience in international banking, Lyons seasoned employees are ready to present an end-to-end offering from consulting to FX exposure management and customized FX strategies including consultation and a single point of contact.

About Lyons – Founded in 1996, Lyons Commercial Data is a leading provider of quality U.S. financial institution data that includes all current ABA routing numbers and other information critical to transaction processing. Lyons also offers proven solutions to financial institutions, payment processors, and other businesses, to assist them in optimizing their ACH processes, in managing risk, and with fraud mitigation.

About PaymentVision – PaymentVision is a biller direct electronic payment service provider and payment gateway that offers clients the ability to accept ACH and credit or debit card payments by phone or online. PaymentVision also partners with key software providers in targeted vertical markets to provide payment processing via the PayAPI®, a SOAP-based XML web service. For more information, visit