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Gaithersburg, MD (JAN 11, 2008): Jody Brookover, formerly Editorial Manager at Lyons Commercial Data, has been appointed to the position of Project Manager at Lyons. Mr. Brookover will be responsible for all project and platform development at Lyons Commercial Data. Mr. Brookover has been with Lyons for three years.

Lyons Commercial Data is a division of Autoscribe, one of the largest electronic payment processors in the U.S., with over $4 billion in transactions annually.

Lyons is one of the nation’s largest commercial providers of financial institution routing information. Over 2,500 US financial and credit institutions rely on Lyons to provide financial intelligence for transaction processing – FI routing information, OFAC/USA PATRIOT Act compliance, account number verification, and other critical services. Lyons is the industry leader in the seamless integration of transaction-critical information via database delivery and web services technology.