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Why choose Lyons Commercial Data?

Whether you are a corporation processing payroll, a payment processor, or a gateway provider, if you are creating electronic check transactions, you can benefit from products and services from Lyons Commercial Data. Lyons Commercial Data is an industry leader in financial institution and compliance data services, with tools designed to support manual and high volume processes.

Nacha Compliance

To reduce the number of administrative returns entered in the ACH Network, NACHA compliance requires companies to verify that routing numbers are valid for WEB and TEL ACH transactions.

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  • ABA routing numbers
  • Current and previously used routing numbers
  • Primary and branch location information
  • SWIFT numbers for wire transfers
  • Contact information

Payment Processing Support

The Lyons Commercial Data iBankRegistry database contains up-to-date data on all U.S. and Canadian financial institutions. Accessing this data as part of your payment processing will save your organization time and money by reducing returns due to inaccurate data entry and fraud. The iBankRegistry database is actively managed by our dedicated content management team.

In addition, Lyons Commercial Data provides actionable intelligence for online and paper check transactions through an Account Verification Service. This service allows you to identify potentially high-risk payments made from checking accounts, as well as potentially fraudulent activity. For all items, whether presented in person, over the phone, or via a web portal, the iBankRegistry Account Verification Service validates an account’s existence, and reports its status based on recent account activity.

Patriot Act Compliance

Lyons Commercial Data compliance tools provide the ability to accurately screen customers and/or vendors against sanction lists in order to help you avoid conducting business with embargoed countries, terrorist organizations, traffickers, suspected criminals, and specially designated individuals. Whether implemented as online screening tools or integrated into your existing applications, Lyons Commercial Data screening capabilities are designed to provide a cost effective compliance alternative scaled to your business.