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patriotAGENT™  OFAC Screening Tool

Lyons patriotAGENT™ features extensive OFAC screening. its powerful search engine, combined with an advanced search algorithm, allows you to hone in on exact matches thereby reducing the number of similar matches or false positives.

Whether you need to perform single-name searches or import files for review, this comprehensive OFAC search tool from Lyons Commercial Data will provide you with the flexibility you need to tailor your OFAC compliance strategy.

What is Know Your Customer?

Section 326 of the Patriot Act deals specifically with the identification of new customers, and made extensive provisions in terms of KYC. As a result, financial institutions are now accountable for the effectiveness of their initial customer identification and ongoing KYC screening.

PatriotAgent XG logoOFAC Screening Online Portal:

Comprehensive, web-based, OFAC compliance solution. Also offered in a light version called “OFAC Solution”.

PatriotAgent WS logoOFAC Web Services:

Access to search results from key lists to support your internal OFAC compliance application.