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Why You Need Integrated Account Verification for New Customer On-boarding

Integrated account verification systems can help you make sure that your customers are pleased and that employees are doing their best to serve the needs of your business. These integrated systems also make it easy to compare solutions, collect feedback and update systems with new technologies as they become available.

Beware of These Three Trending Payment Fraud Activities

So many changes occur in the global payments industry every day that many (if not most) merchants find it difficult to keep up with the strategies needed to protect themselves from the consequential losses. Business owners who understand the origins of most fraudulent activity, however, do have an opportunity to reduce their exposure. Adopting new […]

The Benefits of Instant Account Verification

Today’s consumers move fast. With all of the computing power of a desktop tucked away in nearly every pocket, today’s businesses can’t delay basic transactions. The longer it takes to make a purchase from one vendor, the more likely they are to finish buying somewhere else.

Resolving Common Challenges with ACH Processing

Every business wants to increase profitability while reducing losses, and Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) payments processing promises to accomplish both those goals. Using the service requires an enhanced understanding of the underlying technology, however, so a little learning before implementation can prevent future challenges, or at least reduce their severity.

How Corporations Can Protect Themselves From Cross-Border Payment Fraud

The advent of online technology has brought substantial benefits to businesses, allowing them to access new markets across borders. But as banking technology becomes more complex and fast-moving, fraud also increases in scope. Cross-border transactions present numerous pathways for fraudulent activities. It’s a challenge for businesses to optimize revenue and minimize losses while controlling operational […]

Ensure Compliance with ABA Routing Number Verification

Routing numbers have been a fixture for identification purposes since the American Bankers Association (ABA) introduced them in 1910. The ABA Routing Number was originally created to identify financial institutions for check processing, but its use has expanded with the growth of electronic banking practices. The routing number continues to be used to identify participants […]

Same Day ACH Explained

The Automated Clearing House (ACH) handles money transfers between financial institutions. This system is the backbone of the modern economy, allowing for credit, debit and other digital payments. ACH allows business to accept credit cards and submit the transaction for processing at the end of the day. It allows payroll to go out electronically. Dozens […]

7 Tips for Implementing RESTful API Services

APIs have been part of the IT landscape for decades. They are the glue that allows legacy systems to function with newer, cloud-based services. APIs act as translators between two types of software and need to be developer-friendly. Many businesses have faced the challenge of integrating an inventory system and an add-on system for order […]