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Lyons Commercial Data Content

We deliver comprehensive banking, account, risk, and compliance intelligence that drives transaction processing, risk management, compliance, and business growth. Our records provide in-depth coverage of the nation’s top banks, enterprises, and are the foundation for the insight our customers use to grow their businesses.


ABA numbers, ACH numbers, department phone numbers, physical and mailing addresses for main and branch locations, and more on more than 65,000 banking locations, credit unions, and other financial institutions.

OFAC screening

Customize your compliance program and search up to 5,000 records per second, using secure 128-bit SSL encryption against watch lists like the SDN (Specially Designated) List, Terrorist Non-Exclusion List, Unauthorized Banking List, United Nations Consolidated List, Bank of England Consolidated List, BIS (Bureau of Industry and Security) List, and more.

Lyons Commercial Data Collection

Lyons Commercial Data’s in-house editorial staff compiles, analyzes, and manages our data to provide the most current, accurate, and reliable financial institution and transactional data found anywhere. Specifically, we:

  • Call our financial institutions to gather and verify valuable information and ensure the data is current, accurate, and relevant

  • Synthesize regulatory list content from a number of different sources into an easy to interpret format

  • Regularly conduct comprehensive updates to our data