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Your Trusted Financial Data Verification Partner

Since 1989, Lyons Commercial Data™ has been a leading provider of data verification tools to financial institutions, payment processors, insurance agencies, healthcare solutions, education institutions, and retail businesses.

Routing Number Verification, OFAC & AML/KYC Solutions | Lyons
Routing Number Verification, OFAC & AML/KYC Solutions | Lyons

Why Lyons?

We are committed to providing accurate, secure, and reliable financial data verification tools. Our commitment to accuracy, security, and speed has earned us a reputation as a trusted partner for organizations looking to streamline their compliance process and protect their business from fraud and financial losses. Choose Lyons Commercial Data™ as your trusted partner in financial data verification.

Our Core Benefits

Enhanced Fraud Prevention

Prevent payments from being fraudulently redirected or deposited into the wrong accounts.

Gain Payment Assurance

Confirm the account number provided is valid and open to receiving transfers/payments.

Receive Faster Payments

By validating details upfront prior to initiating payments, transactions can settle quickly without errors resulting in returns or delays.

Boost Compliance & Risk Reduction

Proper due diligence around account ownership helps you stay compliant and minimize risk associated with large financial transactions.

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