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Real-Time Verification and Validation of Critical Transaction Processing Information

Lyons Commercial Data XML-based Web Services are hosted in a secure and fully redundant data center to provide near real-time account verification and validation of important transaction processing information. Applications accessing Lyons Commercial Data web services utilize Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) to process information requests to and from the Lyons Commercial Data servers via http:// or https:// for SSL encryption.


Each web service requires authentication, providing a secure connection between the client and Lyons Commercial Data servers. A company ID, username and password are required to access Lyons Commercial Data web services.

To receive a company ID, username and password, please complete the trial request form or contact an account representative.


These methods are common to all Lyons Commercial Data web services.

  • String Logon (integer companyID, string username, string password) – this method is used to authenticate a client/customer. A companyID, username and password will be provided by Lyons. A unique session token is generated (and will be valid for 20 minutes) when the companyID is submitted to the web service.
  • Boolean RequiredLogon (string token) – this method does not have to be called to use the web services. It is available for client applications to determine if the session has expired.


Lyons Commercial Data Web Services are available for clients connecting from a wide variety of programming and technical platforms. Web service sample applications and code snippets are provided only as a guideline and actual implementation may vary based on the programming language, operating system, or other technical factors. Contact support for complete source code or platform-specific samples.

SOAP Exceptions

The web service methods listed above check passed parameters in response to the client. If the call is in error, or a failure occurs in the service, a SOAP exception is generated. Contact support to report SOAP errors.

security and business continuity

An SAS 70 Type II Certified data center, hosted by Verizon Business, insures optimum business continuity protection. This service includes redundant servers, storage arrays, data feeds, operating systems, and backup software. 128-bit encryption is provided by a VeriSign SSL Certificate for transmitting confidential information through https://.

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