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Routing Number Verification Services

Don’t allow inaccurate, incomplete, or missing routing number information to cost you thousands of dollars every month. Get paid on the first attempt when you leverage financial institution ABA routing number verification services. Lyons Commercial Data™ offers a comprehensive routing number validation search engine that is available online or can integrated for your company. Our routing number validation tool provides quick access for your employees to validate data in real-time. Lyons Commercial Data™ solution products are trusted by top banks and businesses for routing number validation, account ownership authenticationaccount verification, and AML compliance solutions.

Easily Validate ABA Routing Numbers and More

iBankRegistry™  Routing Number Verification has the most up-to-date information to easily locate numbers from the routing number database.  The  routing number tool can also quickly access bank names, addresses, phone numbers, SWIFT codes, FedWire information and much more. This powerful routing number search engine validates RTN numbers for both US and Canadian financial institutions.


accurate bank routing numbers, also known as ABA routing numbers, or Routing Transit Numbers are essential for ACH processors, e-commerce developers, and anyone in the payment processing industry. More than 1,000 financial institutions, government agencies, payment processors, and Fortune 500 companies depend on Lyons Commercial Data for routing number verification services.

  • Benefits of Routing Number Verification

    • Includes all U.S. and Canadian banks and credit unions
    • Access bank phone numbers for funds verification for high dollar items
    • Comply with NACHA requirements for commercially reasonable screening
    • Optional account validation to reduce risk of administrative returns for ACH items
    • Accurate information based on daily database updates
  • Product Specs

    iBankRegistry™ Routing Number Verification Options:

    iBankRegistry™ Routing Verification Online
    Access the iBankRegistry™ ABA routing number database in real-time online.

    iBankRegistry™ Routing Verification Database
    Download the routing number database in any format or as a flat file for integration with payment processing.

    iBankRegistry™ Routing Verification Web Services
    XML based web services can be easily integrated with a wide array of programming languages and platforms. Applications accessing the routing verification web services use Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) to process information requests between the data servers. Visit our RTN number developer documentation resources.