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nacha partner ownership verificationBusinesses within the financial industry understand the importance of always staying compliant within AML/ KYC and NACHA guidelines. Changing regulations with onboarding and processing ACH or check payments make it a necessity for organizations to have access to accurate customer data. Lyons Commercial Data™ offers iBankRegistry™ Account Verification to help your organization with compliance, risk, and fraud detection. Instantly verify bank accounts in the U.S. and Canada.

Risk assessments and due diligence procedures keep businesses safe from potential loss from fraud. Every year financial institutions lose money from fraudulent transactions or even inaccurate bank account information. Verifying  ACH payment accounts before a transaction is processed can reduce returns and associated fees.  iBankRegistry™ is a powerful ACH account validation tool that can be easily integrated into your system. Due diligence starts with having the right compliance tools that can also reduce time and streamline account validation.

Streamline Bank Account Validation

iBankRegistry™ Account Verification provides expeditious bank account validation on a secure and compliant platform. Our account validation tools can empower your employees to access accurate data for better informed decisions. iBankRegistry™ Account Verification can be matched to your  business needs with accessibility online or the option of Web Service API for integration within your system.


NACHA compliance requires companies originating ACH transactions to verify routing numbers for WEB and TEL ACH transactions.
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  • Benefits of Account Verification

    iBankRegistry™ Account Verification allows your organization to instantly validate checking and savings accounts in real-time.

    • Decrease returns by 50 percent or more
    • Identify risky clients
    • Accelerate funding
    • Maintain a better clearing house relationship
  • Product Specs

    iBankRegistry™ Account Verification Options:

    iBankRegistry™ Online Account Verification Tool
    Get instant bank account verification online with easy to use browser-based access to quickly validate accounts.


    iBankRegistry™ Account Verification Web Service/API
    Integrate Account Verification into your application via SOAP web services/API. Learn more from our developer resources page.


One of the biggest benefits of accepting a paper check or processing an ACH payment is the cost. ACH transactions can be processed for a fixed rate cost while credit card interchange rates are based on a percentage of the total transaction amount. That lower cost is offset by the risk of accepting a transaction that may return unpaid.


When processing a check or ACH payment it is important for businesses to be able to verify that a bank account is valid. Bank account verification is the process of validating the bank account number to make sure the account is open and in good standing. Verifying a bank account before a transaction is processed can reduce returned ACH payments. Separately, account ownership authentication can provide additional verification by matching a specific name provided to the account number.