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Why verify Routing Numbers?

Don’t allow inaccurate, incomplete, or missing routing number information to cost you thousands of dollars every month. Get paid on the first attempt when you leverage financial institution routing number verification services from Lyons Commercial Data.

Routing number verification services:

Who Needs Accurate Routing Numbers?

Accurate bank routing numbers--also known as ABA routing numbers or Routing Transit Numbers--are essential for ACH processors, e-commerce developers, and anyone involved with payment processing. More than 1,000 financial institutions, government agencies, payment processors, and Fortune 500 companies depend on Lyons Commercial Data for routing number verification services.

The iBankRegistry financial institution database is available via FTP download, online search tool or XML Web Services.

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Why do a reverse ABA lookup?

There are cases where you start with an ABA routing number and need to find out the bank it belongs to. Perhaps you just want to double check that the correct numbers are printed on your checks. Or maybe you received a check and want to confirm the check is legitimate. Checking the ABA routing number is a good first step.

Whatever the case, the easiest place to do a reverse ABA routing lookup is through Free Routing Number Search Tool offered by Lyons Commercial Data.

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