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OFAC Web Services support your application integration needs.
For clients looking to incorporate OFAC screening into their own applications, the Lyons OFAC web services provide streamlined access to the three most often used watch lists. Simple methods allow you to submit a name, or country and name, against the following watch lists: The function returns any potential matches along with a score, indicating the likelihood of an actual match.

OFAC Web Services Methods

What is Know Your Customer (KYC)?
Section 326 of the Patriot Act deals specifically with the identification of new customers, and made extensive provisions in terms of KYC.

As a result, financial institutions are now accountable for the effectiveness of their initial customer identification and ongoing KYC screening.
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  • Country List - Banned countries included on the OFAC list
  • OFACScanName - Returns results for a name scanned against the OFAC list
  • OFACScanCountry - Returns results for a name and country scanned against the OFAC list
Lyons Commercial Data is happy to provide free trial access for development-site testing so you can evaluate before making a recommendation.

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