- Online Account Verification

Online Account Verification Tool

Lyons Commercial Data Account Verification Service uses a combination of real-time account verification and proprietary data to help you make informed decisions associated with payment acceptance. Lyons Commercial Data makes this account verification service available via an extension to the iBankRegistry online tool.

Online Access to Updated Data

Simply submit a routing number, account number and transaction amount into the Account Verification form. The "Accept", "Deny", "Insufficient Info", or "ABA Validated Only" response will allow you to make an informed decision about whether to process a paper or electronic check payment.

Figure: iBankRegistry™ Account Verification screen

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NACHA Compliance
To reduce the number of administrative returns entered in the ACH Network, NACHA compliance requires companies originating ACH transactions to verify routing numbers for WEB and TEL ACH transactions.
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What is an ABA Routing Number?
Check out ABA Routing Number Explainer

Who is covered by PCI requirements?
Lyons Commercial Data Information Security Program complies with the PCI DSS. Autoscribe, the parent company of Lyons Commercial Data, has successfully met the necessary data security requirements and has completed a Cardholder Information Security Program. Learn More >>

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