- SSN Validation Web Service

SSN-Key™ SSN Validation Web Service

SSN-Key Validation of an SSN enables employers to perform an early and inexpensive check to quickly identify whether a Social Security Number exists within the Social Security Administration (SSA) database and if the SSN is still valid. The SSN Validation web service identifies any irregularities that may exist in association with the SSN provided and returns results that allow you to take appropriate action as part of your application process.

SSN-Key Web Service method

One glance will tell you if the number is valid and whether it’s been issued or not. It’s a simple and inexpensive check that will keep your processes running more smoothly.
  • Validate SSN: Accepts a nine digit social security number and returns
    • Valid or Invalid
    • Issued or Not Issued
    • If issued, the Year Range of Issuance
    • Probable Age Range
    • Region or State where issued
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