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Online Routing Number Lookup Tool

The iBankRegistry online tool accesses the iBankRegistry routing number database in real-time and empowers your operations staff to easily locate the information they need to process wire transfers, returns, pre-authorized drafts, and collections.

How to access iBankRegistry™ Online Tool?

Whether your operations staff needs to quickly find the location or the phone number for the ACH operations department at another financial institution or find the correct SWIFT number for wire transfer purposes, Lyons provides the right data in a user-friendly environment.

It’s as easy as typing in the bank name or routing number to instantly verify a routing number is valid. Or a quick search can perform a reverse lookup, locating the name of a bank based on the routing number, or the routing number by bank name.

Figure: iBankRegistry™ routing number verification screen
NACHA Compliance
To reduce the number of administrative returns entered in the ACH Network, NACHA compliance requires companies originating ACH transactions to verify routing numbers for WEB and TEL ACH transactions.
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What is an ABA Routing Number?
Check out ABA Routing Number Explainer.

Who is covered by PCI requirements?
Lyons Information Security Program complies with the PCI DSS. Autoscribe, the parent company of Lyons Commercial Data, has successfully met the necessary data security requirements and has completed a Cardholder Information Security Program. Learn More >>

In addition to financial institution name or ABA routing number lookup capabilities, the iBankRegistry online tool provides instant access to wire correspondent information so you know your wire transfer will reach the right place the first time.
  • Accessible from any browser
  • Includes all U.S. banks and credit unions
  • Access bank phone numbers for funds verification for high dollar items
  • Optional Account validation reduces your risk of administrative and NSF returns for ACH items
  • Benefit from accurate information based on daily database updates
Easy to search, easy to train, and far more up-to-date than a book, iBankRegistry online search empowers your operations team to make the best possible use of their time.

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