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Lyons Commercial Data™ is a leading provider of quality U.S. financial institution data that includes all current ABA routing numbers and other information critical to transaction processing. Lyons also offers proven solutions to financial institutions, payment processors, and other businesses, to assist them in optimizing their ACH processes, in managing risk, and with fraud mitigation. These solutions are available through online software, via web services/API, or by means of downloadable databases. Lyons is a sister company to PaymentVision®, a leading provider of integrated electronic payment services.

Informative Video on Check Verification

iBankRegistry™: Routing Number Verification

Reduce returns resulting from inaccurate, incomplete, or missing routing numbers by
accessing a robust and reliable database of bank data. Learn More >>
  • iBankRegistry is an easily accessible, user-friendly online search tool
  • Daily updates to financial institution information means current & reliable results
  • Supports NACHA compliance efforts

iBankRegistry™: Account Verification

Identify high risk customers & significantly reduce returned items by over 50% by
verifying the account status of a checking account before accepting or processing
a payment. Learn More >>
  • Direct link to Network of financial institution account data
  • 90% coverage of all U.S. checking accounts
  • Daily updates to account database means current and reliable results

patriotAgent™: OFAC Compliance Solutions

Lyons patriotAgent is a comprehensive online solution for Patriot Act and OFAC
compliance. Lyons patriotAgent incorporates all mandatory lists of banned persons,
countries, and companies including OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control),
SDN (Specially Designated Nationals), FBI Most Wanted, and more.

In addition, patriotAgent’s flexibility provides an easy to use interface allowing import
of other customer lists. Learn More >>
  • Up-to-Date – watch list are updated automatically
  • Comprehensive – includes more than 25 government watch lists
  • Scalable – supports unlimited users, multiple divisions, departments, or branches
  • Flexible – configurable search policies and tolerances

SSN-Key™: SSN Validation

Whether you need to comply with Red Flag Regulations or simply need to check for
proper identification, SSN-Key is an easy to implement solution at an affordable price.
SSN-Key will facilitate identity verification, enabling you to make informed decisions
instantaneously on new applicants, new customers, and current employees.
Learn More >>
  • Available through an online interface or web service
  • Simple to use which streamlines your training and implementation time
  • Improves fraud management
  • Returns valid/invalid status, state and year of issuance, and probable age range
    for the number supplied
    Liberty Bank has been
    utilizing the iBankRegistry™
    product since 1999 & has
    been very pleased with the
    performance record.
    Following are some of the
    reasons that we benefit
    from using the product:
  • the website sustains
    a 99% uptime record
  • the information is
    current and up-to-date
  • the web-pages are
    simple to use and
    easy to navigate
Kathleen S Julkowski,
Vice President – Retail Services,
Liberty Bank.

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