- GetStatusCodeV2 Method

This web service returns a code and/or message to help you determine whether to "Accept" or "Deny" a payment transaction for a submitted checking or savings account number.
Function Calls Supported: Results from the above method are returned in an XML string (see sample results below).

Sample Results
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> 
<int xmlns="http://www.lyonsreg.com/WebService/ATMService">101</int>
To translate the integer value returned (i.e. 104 = “Accept”), use the TranslateStatusCode function above. This function returns a description for the GetStatusCodeV2 value.

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More information on the "Present" parameter of the GetStatusCodeV2 method

What is the "Present" parameter for?
The customer present parameter is used to declare whether or not the person whose account you are verifying is physically present at the time you obtained their routing and account information. If the information was obtained via phone, mail, or website submission the parameter should be set to 0. This will indicate a status of "Customer Not Present". If the customer was physically present at the time a representative from your company obtained the routing and account information, you should submit 1 for the customer present parameter. This will indicate a status of "Customer Present".

Will this affect the results returned?
No. The parameter has no effect on the results returned.

Why do I have to use the parameter?
The presence of the customer must be submitted along with the transaction to help us prevent fraud. This is similar to the way credit card companies need to know if the card was present for a transaction in order to negotiate risk.

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